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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 27, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, we have breaking news after two planes collided above the san francisco bay. we'll tell you what happened. >> a dark shadow cast across the warriors-clippers playoff game. how the teams responded on and off the court to the racist comments the clippers team owner allegedly made. a father of a teen to stowaway talks about why his son stowed away on a plane to hawai'i. right now, sky 7hd is above the search for a plane that crashed into the bay after it collided with another plane this afternoon. good evening and thank you for joining us. the two planes collided over the san francisco bay a mile nor of the brothers island.
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sergio quintana is live from richmond with the details. reporter: right now this is still a very active search for parts of the plane, and also anyone who was in the plane. let me go ahead and show you, there's a small fleet of search vehicles right now actively in san pablo bay. a combination of police vehicles, fire vehicles, and also it looks like private boaters who are out here trying to find parts of a plane that crashed into the bay, following that mid-air collision. witnesses told rescue crews that it was a cessna and a hawker sea fury, an older model british naval fighter. a pretty old plane. that plane apparently continued on and then landed quite some time later, quite a bit away, over at ion airport. that plane likely sustained some
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damage but we understand the cessna basically came crashing into the bay following that collision. right now, as i had mentioned, there seems to be more and more search boats coming into this area so they can try to find more wreckage. we don't have a whole lot of information as to who all was aboard the cessna, how many people were aboard, obviously. that is the ongoing part of this search, and of this investigation. as soon as we have further details we'll likely be giving you that information. reporting live in richmond, abc7 news. >> from the clipper players wearing their warmup hurts inside out, so. protests in the playoffs as the l.a. clippers take a silent stance against their owner in oakland to. donald sterling is accused of
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making racist remarked and many in the league want to see him punished. ny nick smith was at the game where re talked to teams and fans about at the controversy. nick? reporter: good evening. donald sterling was not at today's game, but it was clare that comments he is also to have -- alleged to have made were front and center. >> it's clear the controversy has gotten under the skin of his players. without saying a word they took to the court with their actions speaking volumes. tossing warmups to the ground and moving through the pregame routine with their red clipper shirts worn inside out to hide the team's logo. >> to state solidarity and unity. not to be a distraction but to say we're paying attention. >> comments in which the owner says he doesn't want african-americans at clipper games has caused a fire storm.
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>> see you. i was enraged the way you were -- >> if you don't feel it, don't come to my games. don't bring black people and don't come. >> you have a whole team that's black. >> do i know? i support them and give them food. and clothes. and cars. and houses. who gives it to them? does someone else give it to them? do i know that i have -- who makes the game? do i make the game or they make the game? these are 30 owners that create -- >> to the attorney representing his girlfriend says his client decide not release the tape to media. clippers coach doc rivers says no matter the source the tape has been a distraction. >> the league will do what the league does. >> these pictures are part of what reportedly caused the fight. it shows his girlfriend, v. stiviano, on the right, with basketball legend magic johnson the photo has been removed from
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instagram. nba commissioner adam silver present at today's game did not speak with reporters but says the league is investigating. fans are calling for swift and decisive action, and the players association says players have demands of their open. >> the players wanted to ensure that mr. sterling does not attend any games for the clippers or any other team for the duration of the playoffs. >> i'm sure it's really hard to play for someone who says those type of comments, and for me personally, it's very offensive. and i understand where they're coming from. ,. >> another indication it might be a while before things cool off? the interim president of the naacp says donald sterling will no longer receive a second lifetime achievement award that its los angeles chapter planned to give him next month in oakland, abc7 news. we have the expanded recording of the alleged sterling rant on our web site, abc7 the game went on and what a game it was for the warriors.
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larry beil has the explosive game highlights in sports. the father of a 15-year-old who survived a flight to hawai'i in a jet's wheel well says he expects to bring his son back home to santa clara soon. the boy snuck on to plane at san jose's airport and spent nearly six hours in the plane's wheel well. today his father release ate statement saying. the boy was trying to get back to africa to see his mother. he said, my son is struggling adjusting to life in this country. the situation was aggravated by our displace independent africa for many years after fleeing our home country. the boy is recovering in hawai'i. his father plans to fly there soon. new details in the death of a baby at a livermore park. police say the child's mother admitted she stabbed her seven-month-old son to death. 23-year-old ashley newt top is in jail with no bond. officers say they responded
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yesterday to report of damaged car at del valle regional park. they were about to tow it when they say newton approached them holding her lifeless baby. they say newton has a history of depression and appeared to have self-inflicted knife wounds on her wrists. south san francisco police executed a successful crackdown on distracted drivers. on friday, 52 drivers were cited for cell phones, texting, and running a red light. april is distracted driving month and all officers have issued hundreds of citations this month. in an historic ceremony the catholic church today elevated two popes to sainthood. pope john xxiii and pope john paul ii were declared saints behalf packed st. peters square. francis celebrated mass with
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retired pope benedict xvi, the first time two popes ever held mass together. the ceremony was designed to bring together the progressive and conservative wings of the church. in santa clara in front of a huge congregation, seven foot tall bronze statue of pope john paul ii was dedicated. the church wanted to honor the pope who helped bring down communism and invigorated a new generation of catholics. still ahead at 6:00, a look at the new security flaw that affects a quarter of all web surfers and what is being done about it. why a niners fan is suing the nfl for not being able to get playoff tickets. the california drought doesn't just affect those humans. how wildlife is being impacted by a lack of rain. >> i'm in the accuweather forecast center. it will be heating up in a big way this week. i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up.
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>> why there are so many reports of rat infestations in san francisco? we take a look tomorrow night on we take a look tomorrow night on abc7 news at 11:00.
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>> a walker from microsoft internet explorer users to protect their computers. cybercriminals are using what is call the use after free to control your computer, then use its data. the attack corrupts data as soon as memory has been released, usually after being lured to phony webses. >> a las vegas 49ers fan has filed a lawsuit against the nfl, the seattle seahawks and ticketmaster claiming an illegal ticket policy. he said limiting tickets to certain markets kept him from attending the champion. so game. he says the policy was intended to give the seahawks a home-field advantage against the 49ers. the nfl has not commented on the suit. up next, a look at the native american program helping to bring con doors back -- condors back to northern california for the first time in more than a century. could we see 80s in san
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francisco this week? >> steph curry goes off as the warriors even their playoff series with the clippers. sports coming up.
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sky 7hd is above breaking news after two planes collided above the bay. one plane crashed into the bay. there's a search for the plane's wreckage. the other landed in a small airport. we'll have breaking updates and followups on our twitter feed. we have more breaking news tonight. as severe weather hits the midst. two tornadoes touched down in oklahoma killing two people. this is video from the border near conditions and missouri. several buildings have been destroyed. a severe thunderstorm watch
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covers portions of iowa, illinois, and missouri tonight. >> the california condor will soon be found along the coast. they will be released captive bred condors within the next five years. the tribe has been trying to establish if the birds can survive in an area they have not lived in more than a century. 400 california condors live around the world, only half in the wild. >> drug is d -- the drought is affecting wildlife. it's been three years in a row and it's hard for species. the state engineered water system has created the equivalent of perpetual drought conditions for fish. birds have fewer insects to feed on and there's a correlation between drought and tree mortality in the sierra at lower
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elevations. it doesn't look like any rain is coming our way anytime soon. spencer christian has the details. >> roar right. we had some light rain during the early morning and overnight hours. live doppler 7hd is showing clear conditions. here's a live view from the rooftop camera. blue sky over the bay. it's 58 in san francisco. low 60s in oakland, redwood city. 55 at half moon bay. there's some clouds from the east bay hills camera. a few clouds are drifting across the bay. skies are mainly blue. 64 in santa rosa. 60, napa. low 60s, fairfield, concord, and livermore. and one more line for you from mt. tam on the bay. a tranquil scene at the moment. mostly clear overnight. warming trend begins tomorrow, and is really going to heat up mode week with inland highs in the 90s on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday.
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here's a satellite radar composite image showing the passing of the few clouds in the sky and light rain from the this morning is long gone. the high pressure is billing in, will continue to do so over the next two days, going to dominate our weather picture and bring us a major warmup and we have chosen san jose to reflect the temperature trend. right around 73 in san jose tomorrow, which is average for this tomb of the year. 72 is the average high. to 88 on tuesday and then mid-90s, wednesday and thursday, before tapering off to mid-80s on friday and then back down into the 70s for next weekend. we'll see that pattern in many of our inland locations over the week ahead. tonight, look for low temperatures to rise mainly from mid-to upper 40s, and tomorrow, sun request and mild in the south bay with high temperatures around 73 degrees. at san jose and santa clara.
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on the peninsula, highs in the low to mid-70s. and on the coast, 62, pacifica. 64, half moon bay. downtown san francisco, high of 67 tomorrow. north bay, nice and mild. highs in the mid-70s mainly from santa rosa to sonoma and napa. nears east bay, san -- 75 antioch and fairfield, here's this accuweather seven-day forecast. look at the heat coming our way. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, inland highs in the low to mid-90s. looks like wednesday will be the peak of the heating. thursday is not exactly cool. highs up to around 90 around the bay mid-week, and mid-to upper 70s on the coast. it's even possible some coastal locations will top out at 90 and then turns the end of the week -- more over the weekend, sharper cooldown, temperatures returning to the normal range.
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>> thank you so much, spencer. larry beil is here with sports. shu is at the warriors' game. >> yes, he was enjoying a lights are out shooting performance by steph curry. down 2-1 in the series, the warriors desperately needed to win this afternoon in game four, and steph curry put on a show. before the game the clippers took off their warmup gear, leaving the clothing at center court. their silent promotes against the owner donald sterling. steph, seven 3s in the game, career playoff high. a total of 33 points. andre iguodala make his prepares felt with authority there. warriors up 18 and building on the lead. the clips inexorably trying to get back into the game. make griffin to crawford. klay thompson to the rack and dunks on the head of big baby
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felony davis. warriors, dig down and steal it from griffin and laid to iguodala for the slam as the warriors saw their lead cut to nine. but were able to pull away for a 118-97 victory. series tied 2-2, game five is tuesday night back in l.a. >> down 3-1, going on the road, it's a death wish so to get this one at home was huge, the energy in the building was amazing from start to finish. that's what you look forward to all year, moments like tonight. and we can even the series and now we're best out of three. >> the fallout continues after clippers owner donald sterling was allegedly recording making racist comments directed at african-americans. material said in the recordings he didn't want his girlfriend taking pictures with magic johnson, then posting them on social media. johnson responded today on abc's pregame show. >> he shouldn't own a team anymore. he should stand up and say, i don't want to own a team
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anymore, especially when you have african-americans renting his apartments, coming to the games, and playing for him, and coaching for him. this is bad for everybody. it's bad for america. and so i'm really upset about it. >> see what the league does. wizards against chicago. john wall had reason to dance. trevor ariza going off for the wiz. he had 30. wizards, 14-0 lead. chicago trying to come back, but here's wall coast-to-coast, steal and slam. ariza finishes it off as the wizards beat the bulls and take a commanding 3-1 series lead. >> to barracks brandon hicks is on the giants roster because scutaro has been injured. hicks turned into the hero today. fourth inning, pablo sandoval, shoots a double down the line in
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left. starting a rally for the orange and black. the next batter, brandon crawford, doubles down the right-field line. bringing in the panda. cleveland would tie it up in the eighth. here is comes and there it goes. gomes with a bomb to left center. bottom nine, after they walked crawford intentionally, it's the other brandon, hicks, who ends it with a here to-run blast into the left field bleachers. good buy, -- goodbye, drive home safely. >> cocoa crisp and the a's in houston. josh reddick, a chance to cash in. can't do it. pops out. reddick makes up for it with his glove. a flair to left and diving catch. mchuet loued two hits in 8-2/3. gets koko right there. the astros score four times.
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a's split a four-game set in houston. the final today, 5-1. and lydia co wins the swing are skirts. up next at 6:00, it's been a good run, cap, but you're no longer the box office champ. find out what was strong enough to take over the top pot this weekend. [doorbell rings]
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>> join my tonight on cable 13. a look at the new approach water authorities in the east bay are taking to help deal with the state's drought. then at 11:00, as we take a live look at sky 7hd we'll have an update on the search for plane wrackage after two planes collided over the bay. one into the water, the other was able to land at a small airport. all at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news. captain america has been knocked off the top spot at the box office. "the other woman" became the second live-action comedy to top
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the box office this year. the movie, starring cameron diaz, leslie map n, and kate upton is about three women teaming up against a man. captain america was the last weekend in first place but earned just 16 million this weekend. "heaven is for real", "rio 2" was in the top five. that does it for abc7 news at 6:00. thank you for joining us. abc7 continues online, on twitter, facebook, and all your mobile devices with the abc7 news a.m.
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